I didn’t get to see my brother and sister for over a year because of the pandemic (Skype/Zoom doesn’t count!). As soon as Scotland and other regions opened up, my brother and I drove up to Scotland – it was a long time coming! I had my sketching kit ready record as much I can. 

My sister’s bakes are Devine! She made Sri Lankan-style pineapple gateau and Victoria sponge. So we had cake for breakfast!

My 7 year old niece broke her arm few days before we got there. Her arm was in a cast. Being right handed, she had to adapt to this limitation. This is my sister feeding her breakfast and it was quite refreshing to sketch while listening to my little niece’s chatter.    
A short walk down from my sister’s house is Cramond beach – beautiful small beach with a tidal causeway leading to Cramond island. I have sketched from the island before but this time I sketched the island from the beach. The tide was in and the causeway was no longer visible. The stormy dramatic sky was framing the island as the sun set. 

Chrysanthemums and roses on my sister’s kitchen counter were starting to wilt; I wanted to sketch them before their vibrancy faded away.  
I joined the Edinburgh urban sketchers for a day of sketching at the National Museum of Scotland (I will do a separate blog post on this trip).  


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