Movie night at Kew

My sketching buddy Zane and I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody at Kew Gardens (Hideaway Cinema). I sketched my surroundings as the sun set and the movie started.  Controversies aside, I thought Remi Malek gave a great performance as Freddie Murcury. 


 Lovely Cornish views from our hotel window in Lostwithiel. 

Trinity Buoy Wharf

London Urban Sketchers are gradually starting to meet face to face, in small groups. I grabbed the chance to join one of these groups to sketch in Trinity Buoy Wharf in London Docklands.  Some fantastic metal sculptures by Andrew Baldwin, And spectacular views across the Thames.  Trinity Buoy Wharf is also home to the only… Continue reading Trinity Buoy Wharf


Wakehurst consists of over 500 acres of wild woodland and is part of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. I spent a day exploring and sketching this amazing place in the heart of Sussex.   


I didn’t get to see my brother and sister for over a year because of the pandemic (Skype/Zoom doesn’t count!). As soon as Scotland and other regions opened up, my brother and I drove up to Scotland – it was a long time coming! I had my sketching kit ready record as much I can. … Continue reading Edinburgh

Majestic old trees of Kew

Kew Gardens is home to some majestic old trees, some of which are several thousand years old! This mighty oak reminded me of something out of a fairytale. As I sat sketching, I was almost expecting it to come to life and unfurl its beautiful twisted trunk.     

Last of the spring blooms

Another chilly day at my local park. I sat with a hot coffee and a warm buttered rock-cake, and sketched, while Harindra went off on his walk. Most of the spring blooms are gone now, aside from a bed of tulips,   and a solitary tree covered in deep pink cherry blossoms.  I painted the… Continue reading Last of the spring blooms

Spring at Kew Gardens

I met up with a sketching buddy today, Zane (@zanekarklina). I’ve been looking forward to venturing out after the ‘stay at home’ restriction lifted in England. We spent Good Friday at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew sketching the Japanese landscape. It’s a beautiful space combining 3 different gardens – Garden of peace, Garden of Activity and… Continue reading Spring at Kew Gardens